BentWorld: CANS Artist Series
  • BentWorld: CANS
    Artist Series of cans from my BentWorld: Vandals Series.  Produced by Kidrobot
  • My latest mini-figure series with Kidrobot is a collective effort from some of the best designers and artists in the toy & graf scene today.  We went back a few years and found the tooling from my BentWorld: VANDALS series, and decided to let some artists do their thing on the "cans" figure.  Each blind boxed figure comes in "Racked (new)" and "Spent (used)" versions.

    A huge thanks to the crew for being a part of such a great series.  I'm honored to have your work on one of my figure designs!
A new series of my BentWorld characters from Kidrobot. The BentWorld: CANS Artist Series features 9 awesome designs by some of the best toy and graf artists out there. Each comes blind boxed in "Racked (new)" and "Spent (used)" versions.
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