MADRIOT Kidrobot 19
    Kidrobot Mascot #19- 
  • "Behave yourself - KidRiot is watching. Take a good look at our iconic Kidrobot figure, as envisioned by KC-based artist MAD, and show the man the proper respect or pay the price.

    KidRiot is 8 solid inches of crowd-controlling vinyl, complete with removable tactical helmet and shield, glazed strawberry donut, and a skull-crushing baton. Nicknamed the Judge for obvious reasons, KidRiot rules the mean streets. But don't let fear hold you back; KidRiot is in limited supply, just 1500 worldwide. "

      It was great to get the opportunity to rework Kidrobot's mascot like other artists and designers have in the past.   After 3 years of development the figure finally released and to my (and KR's) amazement SOLD OUT in about 4 days.  The figure is pretty much an entirely new toy rather than just a repaint.  Everything but the head was re-tooled to fit the designs specs called out.  I'm very proud of the end result and can't thank the team at Kidrobot for pushing the limits on what they could do to make this design a reality.
    KIDRIOT Mascot #19 by MAD x Kidrobot. My re-design of their iconic mascot figure in 8 inch vinyl.
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